For Sellers

  • Investigate the local housing market; research what is selling and what has sold. Have a realtor verify selling prices verses asking prices.
  • Select an agent: ask friends, check the internet and conduct an interview. Consider the fact that an agent with numerous listings may not have as much time to spend with you or to monitor the condition of your property if it is not your primary residence.
  • Discuss commissions.
  • Prepare house for showing; a good realtor can offer helpful recommendations.
  • Pricing is key; buyers are comparing your home to others on the market.
  • Read the following articles for more in-depth explanation of the points above:

For Sellers

Places to visit online

A Letter to Sellers

You should know a bit about me before you contact me. I have been in the real estate business for five years. The learning curve has been enlightening and ongoing. At first it was strange being on the other side of the desk as I was an International school teacher for twenty five years. You will find that I am very attentive to my clients and visit my listings on average once a week to insure property markers are in place, flier boxes are full and signs are upright and clear (in spring and summer high grass). I am not the largest listing agent in the area which provides me time to focus on the listings I have.

Since being in the business I have learned from numerous highly competent and successful agents what to do to help a seller sell their property. If you would like contact information concerning them please just ask. Even though our market began slowing in 2006, I have been successful in helping people sell their properties near their list price. Again if you would like references I can provide them. In listing your property I will place directional signs off main roads, create an informative and attractive flyer, hire a professional photographer to take still shots and video footage, and place your property on thirty websites (for a Virtual Tour example: for a Video listing example: I will direct mail your property information to numerous property owners in the area of your property. I will individually notify every lake agent as well as list the property in the RVAR (Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors) and the Lynchburg MLS. I can tell you that people have found me to be honest and willing to listen. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Why a commission?